Here are some papers, organized by broad topic (click on the titles for pdf). Some papers may fall under more than one topic.  Many of them are published, and the drafts available below are generally pre-proofed.  Others are works in progress (comments welcomed).  And others are here only in name, since they are not ready to share.

Perception and cognition

Attention and cognitive penetrability (in preparation)

Rich perceptual content and aesthetic properties (forthcoming in Evaluative Perception, Ed. by A. Bergqvist and R. Cowan, Oxford University Press)

Cognitive penetration and colour perception (forthcoming in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour, Ed. by D. Brown and F. Macpherson, London: Routledge)

Modular architectures and informational encapsulation: A dilemma-w/ Vincent Bergeron (forthcoming in European Journal for Philosophy of Science)

Towards a consequentialist understanding of cognitive penetration (forthcoming in Cognitive Effects on Perception: New Philosophical Perspectives. Ed. A. Raftopoulos and J. Ziembekis)

Cognitive penetration and the perception of art (appears in Dialectica 68(1) 1-34. 2014, Winner of the 2012 Essay Dialectica Essay Prize)

The Dominance of Visual-w/ Stephen Biggs (appears in Perception and its Modalities, Ed. D. Stokes, S. Biggs, and M. Matthen, New York: Oxford University Press, 2014) (Link to related sound samples.)

Sorting the Senses-w/ Stephen Bigs and Mohan Matthen (appears in in Perception and its Modalities, Ed. D. Stokes, S. Biggs, and M. Matthen, New York: Oxford University Press, 2014)

Cognitive penetrability of perception (appears in Philosophy Compass, 8 (7):646-663. 2013)

Perceiving and Desiring: A New Look at the Cognitive Penetrability of Experience (appears in Philosophical Studies 158(3): 479-92. 2012)


A minimal ontology of creativity (to appear in Creativity and Philosophy, Ed. by M. Kieran and B. Gaut, London: Routledge)(commissioned)

Creativity, co-authored with E. Paul (to appear in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)(commissioned)

Naturalistic approaches to creativity, co-authored with E. Paul (forthcoming in The Blackwell Companion to Experimental Philosophy, Ed. by J. Sytsma and J.W. Buckwalter, Oxford: Blackwell Press)

Imagination and creativity (forthcoming in The Routledge Hanbook of the Philosophy of Imagination, Ed. by A. Kind)

Minimally creative thought (appears in Metaphilosophy 42(5): 658-81. 2011)

The role of imagination in creativity (to appear in The Philosophy of Creativity. Ed. E. Paul and S.B. Kaufman, Oxford: Oxford University Press)

A metaphysics of creativity (appears in New Waves in Aesthetics. Ed. K. Stock and K. Thomson Jones. Palgrave. 2008)

Evolutionary Robotics and Creative Constraints -w/ Jon Bird (appears in Beyond the Brain: Embodied, Situated and Distributed Cognition. Ed. B. Hardy-Vallée and N. Payette. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2008)

Incubated Cognition and Creativity (appears in Journal of Consciousness Studies 14: 83-100. 2007)


The Evaluative Character of Imaginative Resistance (appears in British Journal of Aesthetics 46: 347-405. 2006)

Art and Modal Knowledge (appears in Knowing Art: Essays in Epistemology and Aesthetics.  Ed. M. Kieran and D. Lopes. Springer Press. 2006)

Cognitive science and aesthetics

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (appears in Philosophy Compass 4: 715-33. 2009)

Cognitive science, artificial life, and robotics

Minimal Creativity, Evaluation, and Fractal Discrimination-w/ J. Bird (appears in Proceedings of the 4th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity.  Ed. A. Cardoso and G. Wiggins. 2007)

Evolving Minimally Creative Robots- w/ J. Bird (appears in Proceedings of The 3rd Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Ed.  S. Colton and A. Pease. 1-5. 2006)

Up to date research profile here:

Edited volume

Perception and its Modalities Ed. with Stephen Biggs and Mohan Matthen (Oxford University Press; 2014)



Review of the Aesthetic Mind, Ed. by Elisabeth Schellekens and Peter Goldie (appears in Journal  of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 72: 206-9. 2014)

Review of Seeing, Doing, and Knowing by Mohan Matthen (appears in British Journal of Aesthetics 3:

46: 323-5. 2006)

Review of Recreative Minds by Gregory Currie and Ian Ravenscroft (appears in  Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism  62: 406-7. 2004)