I teach philosophy at the University of Utah, generally in the areas of philosophy of mind and cognitive science, epistemology, metaphysics, and aesthetics.  Below are some courses I have taught over the last few years, at various universities, with links to sample syllabi for those courses.

Current students can find course information on the U’s CANVAS portal.

Reason and Truth (1st year undergraduate introduction to M&E)

Belief, Knowledge, and Truth (2nd year undergraduate)

Symbolic Logic I (2nd year undergraduate)

Philosophy of Science (2nd year undergraduate)

Persons, Minds, and Bodies (2nd year undergraduate)

Theories of Mind (2nd year undergraduate)

Philosophical foundations of cognitive science (2nd/3rd year undergraduate)

Philosophy of Language (2nd/3rd year undergraduate)

Introduction to moral philosophy (2nd year undergraduate)

Introduction to analytic aesthetics (2nd year undergraduate)

Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Perceptual experience (Advanced undergraduate)

Topics in Epistemology: Epistemic norms (Advanced undergraduate)

Topics in Philosophy of Science: Rationality and change in science (Advanced undergraduate)

Topics in Aesthetics: Concepts, art, and mind (Advanced undergraduate)

Topics in Aesthetics: Art, value, and mind (Advanced undergraduate)

Topics in Aesthetics: Concepts and evaluation of art (Advanced undergraduate)

Early Modern Philosophy: Empiricism (Advanced undergraduate)

Freedom, Responsibility, and Action (Advanced undergraduate)

Seminar: Perceptual Experience (Graduate/Advanced undergraduate)

Seminar: Imagination (Graduate/Advanced undergraduate)

Seminar: Aesthetic taste and aesthetic properties (Graduate/Advanced undergraduate)